Before I saw where this was going, I realized that one thing about the second person POV is that it always reads autofictional to me... the 'you' is most often either the author themself bridging POVs between author and reader to become one, or like in this case, bridging a known figure to make it more personal to the reader.

It made me decide, my next Symposium piece will be in the second person. I'm going to try to fuck with that POV, hopefully also to fuck with the viewer.

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:D thanks for reading it DB

I wanted to write about something and someone well known but not in the same way, not for the same reason, nor for the same goals as others, strip out the common knowledge, leave behind what mattered, what actually happened, and leave it up the protagonist, who is the reader, to decide. the stuff at the end was included for its historical entertainment. Just another experiment, like everything else written here. Looking forward to your experiment, DB!

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